Late-Medieval British Carved Cadavers


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I lecture in Religious Studies at the University of Winchester. You can find out more about me here

As well as lecturing in Religious Studies I lead a distance learning Masters degree on Death, Religion and Culture. Information about the course can be found here

To find out about my research please take a look at my page click here On this site you fill find conference papers on late-medieval carved cadavers as well as other research interests I have.

In relation to my work I have commissioned a modern interpretation of a late-medieval carved cadaver. The money to fund the new commission was raised through Crowdfunded and my thanks go to all whole contributed. To see the Crowdfunded campaign go to Guy the Gaunt

The modern interpretation is being carved by Eleanor Crook and there will be a page dedicated to this project in due course. However, the wax marquette can be viewed by clicking Guy Gaunt; this will give you some idea what the finished sculpture will look like.

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There are many people and organisations I would like to thank, in particular the University of Winchester who funded the creation of this website, Kieran Grover who designed it, and all those who have given me access to these unusual sculptures. A special thanks goes to Dr Wendy Birch for helping me with the anatomical aspects of the late-medieval sculptures.

I also would like to thank all those who contributed to the carving of the new sculpture by Eleanor Crook, and of course Eleanor for carving him.

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Christina Welch